Our wing planform and winglet optimization software WingPlanform enables to create 3D wing and winglet shapes automatically within hours on a conventional desktop computer. We use a segregated design approach, where the foils are first optimized using MorphFoilOpt. With this foils, the wing and winglet shape is generated with WingPlanform. The validity for this approach has been shown for medium to high aspect ratio wings. The software utilizes our extended version of the DLR code Lifting_Line – LiLi-NL, which extends the previously linear solver to the nonlinear regime. Viscous decambering effects occuring at high angles of attack and thickness effects are taken into account with this solver. Furthermore, our optimization code features a trim solver. For instance, this makes it possible to consider circling flight conditions with correct control surface deflections during optimization. A simple aeroelastic coupling method is also available, which makes it possible to take the effect of a flexible aircraft structure into account.