We cover a wide range of aircraft design services.

Aerodynamic design

For aerodynamic design we believe in the advantages of numerical design optimization and AI-assisted design. We developed in-house numerical optimization software for airfoil and hydrofoil design and for wing planform and winglet design. Successful applications demonstrate the ability to design high quality airfoils, hydrofoils and wing/winglet shapes for your application.

We design aircraft exterior aerodynamics using a segregated design approach. In that, we start with a conceptual aircraft sizing, in which the cruical aircraft parameters like masses, wing area, tailplane volumes and engine power are defined. Based on that, airfoils for the lifting surfaces and propeller are developed with our in-house airfoil design code. Subsequently, the wing and winglet shape is optimized with our in-house nonlinear wing planform optimization code. Trim and stability analyzes are performed to ensure benign handling qualities. Performance predictions are performed simultaneously in each step to guarantee exceptional performance.

Composite structure design

We have a vast experience in composite structure design. From small parts to large scale structures. From wet lay-up to Prepregs. Proven with the full scale wing ultimate load test of the Mü31 sailplane. We offer:

Engineering Software development

Whenever engineering software didn't meet our requirements or had a poor cost/benefit ratio, we didn't hesitate and developed our own solutions. We have already developed a variety of software solutions.


With our manufacturing partners, we bring your design to reality. Our partners MP2 Carbon GmbH (link) and Eichelsdörfer Flugzeugbau GmbH(link) have years of experience in manufacturing of complex composite parts - from small parts to full airframes
  • Jig and Tool design for composite parts and components
  • Manufacturing documentation – draftings and lamination plans


We are happy to provide you assistance on certification matters. We have experience with Annex I, CS-22 and CS-23 aircraft. We assist you in your certification project and with Supplemental Type Certificate development
  • Development of certification strategy
  • Creation of certification documents
  • Communication with authorities

Available Software

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  • Solid Works
  • Abaqus
  • Lifting_Line
  • FlightStream
  • VSAero
  • OpenFoam
  • Python and Pycharm

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