OML_CAD_MSH generates the aircraft outer mold line CAD geometry. For that, it utilizes the open source CAD software Engineering Sketch Pad from MIT and Syracuse University. The wing and tailplane geometry comes from text files or WingPlanform output files. With this, the optimized lifting surface geometry can be translated fast in a CAD geometry and further on into a surface and volumetric mesh for 3D CFD analysis. Slender bodys like Fuselages, wing pods or engine nacelles can also be easily defined with Hügelschäffer or superelliptic cross sections and are automatically merged with the lifting surfaces. The intersections between fuselage and lifting surfaces can be tailored specifically and fillets with smooth curvature can be added. The aircraft outer mold line geometry can be exported to stl, step or iges data formats for interior component design in your own CAD system. OML_CAD_MSH automatically creates a high quality structured or unstructured surface mesh from your aircraft utilizing gmsh. The surface mesh can then be used in a panel method or be used for subsequent volumetric mesh generation for 3D CFD analysis.

  • Easy aircraft CAD geometry generation
  • Surface mesh generation