Our Airfoil/Hydrofoil optimization software MorphFoilOpt features fast and reliable numerical optimization of airfoils with camber changing flaps, morphing leading edges or DLF-technology airfoils. It utilizes our improved derivatives of XFOIL, XFOIL-HL and XFOILSUC-HL as solvers, which reduces the difference between prediction and reality. If you need transsonic/supersonic foils, it is also possible to couple it with OpenFoam. The software features the possibility to implement constraints for airfoil thickness, pitching moment, avoidance of leading edge stall and a prescribed post-stall behavior. 
A simple user interface makes optimization setup easy. Cruicial result data like airfoil plots, airfoil coordinates and an optimization history video are automatically created after the optimization has converged. A subsonic foil with 8 prescribed optimization points can be created within 4-8 hours on a conventional desktop computer.