VSPrePost is a pre- and postprocessor for the integral boundary layer panel software VSAero. The preprocessor VSAeroPre utilizes the surface mesh generated with OML_CAD_MSH or from alternate sources. With additional flight case, wake and solver information, valid VSAero input files are generated. 
VSAeroPost is a postprocessor for VSAero results with a graphical user interface (GUI). 
VSAeroPost displays surface field variables like velocities and pressure distributions or boundary layer variables on streamlines like friction coefficient, shape factor, boundary layer thicknesses etc. 
The Graph module displays spanwise distribution on lifting surfaces like circulation or the local lift coefficient. Multiple different results or flight cases can be overlayed for comparison. Also results from LiLi-NL can be imported and compared.

The polar module allows to analyze polars from the VSAero results or LiLi-NL results. The drag components induced drag and viscous drag are displayed separately. Also the span efficiency factor is shown for analyzing the effectiveness of the planform and winglet shape. 
The residual polar module allows to analyze the residual drag, which is the sum of the non-lifting surface drag (fuselage, fairings, nacelles etc.) and the interference drag. This requires simulations of both the full aircraft configuration and of the lifting surfaces only, which can be easily done with our toolchain WingPlanform + OML_CAD_MSH + VSAeroPre. With this, the optimization of intersection geometries becomes easy.