Achleitner Aerospace was founded in 2022 by Johannes Achleitner. 

Johannes is an aerospace passionate from childhood on. He made his sailplane pilot license at the age of 17. He is a mechanical Engineer with a Diploma (Dipl.–Ing.) from TU München. In his studies, he focused on numerical simulation and optimization. Besides the theoretical education, he satisfied his drive to make ideas reality as a member of the Akaflieg München. He had been project manager for four years. During this time, he gathered a great team with which he pushed the design and the manufacturing of the wing and fuselage structure of the high performance sailplane Mü31. Successful full scale structural tests of the 15 meter span wing and the fuselage were conducted. His time at Akaflieg culminated in his selection as a pilot for the maiden flight of the Mü31, which was successfully done in 2017. He then became a research scientist at the Chair of Lightweight Structures and at the Chair of Aircraft Design at the TU München, where he contributed to high precision satellite antennas and morphing wing components of transport aircraft. Simultaneously he initiated the project MILAN (Morphing Wings for Sailplanes), which aimed to push the limits of sailplane performance with a ultra high aspect ratio wing with a morphing leading edge section. The four year project culminated in the successful technological feasiblility demonstration with a full scale wing section. His desire to shape the future of lightweight design and aviation let him finally found Achleitner Aerospace