Airfoil Design

We have vast experience in subsonic airfoil and hydrofoil design. Our in-house developed code for airfoil and hydrofoil optimization MorphFoilOpt achieves high-quality designs fast. Our code is tailored to optimize foils with and without camber changing flaps and with our patented Doubleflap Laminar Flow airfoil (DLF) leading edge flap solution. It enables constraints for minimum overall thickness, minimum trailing edge angle, enclosed area for battery/tank volume, pitching moment and a leading edge stall constraint. We carefully analyze the resulting designs to fit your requirements in terms of performance, handling qualities and other needs. If necessary, we post-process the foil with the inverse routine in XFOIL.
Our optimization software has been used for the design of several airfoils and hydrofoils, e.g. the hydrofoils for the Triton T-1 and Triton X-1 monofoils and the DLF demonstrator.